Cable management is something that everyone should do. People are so used to letting their cables hang everywhere. This makes everything look very unorganized and clustered. A simple solution to this is cable clips. These cable clips by iGotTech provide a simply and easy way to hold and organized your cables. Each clip can hold two wires and every clip has a 3M adhesive pad so that you can stick it anywhere. It is very secure and they won’t go anywhere. I use them to hold my charging, display port, and keyboard cables. I hook up my laptop to an external monitor so I use the clips to secure my cables to my desk. The clips are big enough to hold decently thick cables. They can also hold thin cables as well. They even come in a variety of colors to fit your style. There are six clips in a single pack. So one pack can hold 12 cables. I highly recommend picking a pack up to organize all of your messy cables.

iGotTech Cable Clips – $10