Belts are more than just straps to hold your pants up. TheTrakline Belt vs Belt Holes (657x313)y are also a fashion statement and an important peace in everyones wardrobe. Trakline belts by Kore Essentials are very stylish but they also have a very unique feature. The reason why they are called Trakline belts is because of its zip-tie like system. It doesn’t lock into place like traditional belts. Instead there is a hidden track sewn into the back of the leather belt. The advantage of this is that it has 40+ size adjustments with small 1/4″ clicks. This provides much more adjustability than an average belt. As you can see from the image above, each hole is about an inch apart and there are only 5 options. Sometimes one size is too big and the one below that is too small. This will not be a problem with the Trakline belt. The belt has measurement marks on the back so that you can cut the belt to your specific size. Once you do that then all you have to do is put on the belt buckle and you are all done.

What comes in the box?

  • Belt Buckle
  • Leather Belt
  • Storage Pouch

Overall Thoughts

Overall I think this is an excellent belt. It is great for business or casual wear. The adjustability of this belt is second to none. It is very stylish and come in a variety of different leather and buckle options. You do not have to worry about picking the right size belt. It will always fit you. Don’t bother shopping for any other belt. Trakline belts are all you will ever need. Check our their website here for more information.