Who has ever had a cup of coffee or ice cold drink and later in the day the coffee gets cold or the soda gets too warm? I’m pretty sure we have all been twatchhere. There is no cup out there that can keep your drink cold or hot for the entire day. This is where the Yecup comes in! The Yecup is a smart mug that can heat up or cool down your drink all day and any day. You can fine tune your drink’s temperature by using their included app. You can precisely set what temperature you want your drink to be and the cup will automatically heat up or cool down your drink to that desired temperature. It does this by using heating and cooling patented microprocessors. The cup can hold either 12 or 14 fl.oz. It has a stainless steel body and has a leakproof lid. The logo on the cup acts as an indicator telling you if the drink is hot, cold, or if the cup is charging. It will light up orange for hot, green for charging, and blue for cold.

The cup itself is very compact and easy to travel with. You can take it to the office, camping, skiingpic9, biking etc. It is also designed to fit perfectly into your car’s cup holder. You can charge the cup wirelessly or plug it in for fast charging. The Yecup is also capable of charging your smartphone up to 3 times a day. The cup itself is a unisex design which makes it perfect for everyone. I personally think that the design of the cup is amazing. It is very simple but very stylish and elegant as well. This product is one of a kind and if the company can deliver what they promised then they definitely have a winner here. You can pre-order and read more about the Yecup on their indiegogo page here.