What’s better than riding around town on your pedaled powered bicycle? Riding around town on an electric powered bicycle! FLUX is a new company that recently launched an indiegogo campaign to raise money for their electric bikes. Not only did they succeed in their campaign, they went far beyond it. They initially set a goal for $50,000. As of today they raised over $230,000. That really show’s the demand for this product. The phrase “Tesla of Electric Bikes” is not just for show. They actually use the same batteries that power the Tesla Model S. The battery for the Roadster version of the e-bike can propel you to around 25 MPH and has a range of about 45 miles. And it only costs 7 cents to charge! Talk about cheap transportation. 45 miles goes a long way and Street White Cafeat an average of 25 MPH, you will get there in a jiffy. Yes I just used the word jiffy. The design of the FLUX bike is also beautiful and elegant. The battery flows along the frame giving the overall design a nice modern look. You honestly can not tell that the FLUX bike is even electric. It just looks like a stylish road bike. That just shows that FLUX really did pay attention to detail and that they know what they are doing.

There are three different versions of the e-bike. You have the options of the roadster, trail, and attack. The roadster is probably what you think it is. A bike for the road. Whether you want to cruise around the city or use it to get to work, this is the option for you. If you want to be a little more adventurous theres the trail version. Again, as Attack Jumpsthe name implies this version is for riding on some trails. Forget the road just go ride on some dirt! For the hardcore riders theres the attack option. This is for the people that want to take this on the mountains and beyond! This version comes with better suspension, off road tires, 9 speed gears, and 180mm hydraulic disk brakes. Everything you need to do some extreme mountain riding.

Just because it’s an electric bike doesn’t mean you can’t ride it likeStreet black a normal bicycle. The FLUX bikes do have pedals that you can use to pedal the bike to get some exercise as well. If you come across a steep hill then just pull in the throttle and easily cruise up any hill that gets in your way. As you ride up a hill feel free to laugh at the cyclist you see walking up the hill with his or her regular bicycle. Don’t really do that it’s mean. FLUX has open up a lot of doors for people that want to use their bike for transportation, cruising around town, trail riding, mountain riding and more. The only slight downside is that the price is not cheap. You will have to throw down about $1000 for the roadster version. That might be hard to swallow but look at it like this. Don’t think of the e-bike as a toy because if you do then it’s a really expensive toy. Think of it as a transportation vehicle. When you look at it like that then the price is not all that bad at all.

Overall I think FLUX is doing great things. Their bikes are top of the line, unique, and functional. The amount of fun you can have on their bikes is off the charts. Check out their website here for more information on all of their bikes. Hopefully I will get the chance to test one out. When and if I do I will write a written review. I look forward to seeing where they go next.