Logitech is no stranger to building top of the line computer accessories. They make some of the best mice and keyboards out there. And the MX Master is no exception. Never have I seen such a beautiful, elegant,  refined, and functional mouse. It looks like something a exotic sports car manufacturer would make. That’s exactly why I call it the Lamborghini of computer mice.

MX Master Box ContentsWhat comes in the box?

  • Mouse
  • USB dongle
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Manual


Tech Specs

  • Sensor technology: Darkfield Laser sensor

    • Nominal value : 1000 dpi
    • Minimal and maximal value : 400 dpi to 1600 dpi (can be set in increments of 200 dpi)
  • Battery life: up to 40 days on a single full charge
  • Battery: rechargeable Li-Po (500 mAh) battery
  • Number of buttons: 5
  • Wireless operating distance: 32 ft (10 m)
  • Wireless technology: Advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology

Design and Feel

The MX Master is artfully crafted to be both visually stunning and very ergonomic. The smooth edges and soft matte texture makes it extremely comfortable to use. For those long work sessions, you want something that you can use for hours on end without feeling any cramps or soreness. With the MX Master, you won’t have any problems.


This mouse is built for productivity. When you need to get $#@! done you will want to use this mouse. It has 5 programmable buttons that allow you to customize it to your specific needs. Logitech provides you with free software to customize every aspect of the mouse. From programming buttons to changing the scroll and pointer speed. One of the unique features of the MX Master is that it has a second scroll wheel on the left side of the mouse. This can be used for a multitude of functions. Changing volume, switching between apps, horizontal scrolling, brightness control etc. The MX Master also has two programmable buttons right behind the second scroll wheel. I personally use this to go backwards and forwards on a page but you can customize these to do other functions as well. On the bottom of the mouse you will see an On/Off switch, connect button, and another button with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 above it. These numbers are for connecting up to 3 different devices. You could have one be connected to your desktop, the second to your laptop, and the third to another laptop. Anything that has bluetooth and that can use a mouse you can connect it to. Switching is as easy as pressing a button.

Overall Thoughts

I think this is the perfect office and productivity mouse. It has everything you would need to get work done. The long battery life makes it so you don’t have to remember to charge it all of the time. The ergonomic feel makes it a joy to use. The Darkfield laser sensor makes it work on any surface including glass. It is possible to use it for gaming as well. It’s not a bad gaming mouse but not the best by any means. After using the MX Master, I don’t think I can switch back to any other mouse. Highly recommend picking one up!

Logitech MX Master – Price: $75