Lighting can really enhance the look and feel of your room. Especially if you can control which color you want that light to be. With these RGB strip lights from Satechi, you can really spice up your room a bit. These particular lights from Satechi are powered via a USB cable. The lights themselves are only 23 inches long but the USB cable is about 21 inches. That isn’t long at all but it isn’t meant to be wrapped around your entire room. It is more meant to act as an accent light that you could put behind your tv, computer desk, or computer monitor. The strip has a 3M  adhesive on the back which allows you to stick it anywhere. Stick it under your desk, behind a TV, on the wall etc. The LED strip has 17 different colors to choose from. You can pick the colors via the in-line controller on the USB cable.

The LED strips also has different lighting modes. These modes uses different kind of effects to go through all of the colors. Some of the effects are slowly fading between colors, blinking between colors, blinking the same color, strobe a color etc. This adds a very cool effect and really enhances the feel of a room. If you’re looking for a unique lighting solution then I would definitely check these out.

RGB LED strips – Price: $15