Have you ever heard of a smart wallet? I haven’t until I came across the Wocket Smart Wallet. So what makes this wallet so smart? Well besides having a E-Paper LCD screen on the front of it, the Wocket actually does a lot of things. It is capable of storing all of your debit, credit, loyalty, and many more cards. It basically reduces your thick and bulky wallet into something nice and sleek.

What comes in the box?

  • Charging Cable
  • Card Reader
  • Wocket Card
  • Wocket Wallet
  • Start Manual


How does it work?

There are two parts to the Wocket Smart Wallet. The wallet itself and the physical Wocket card. The part of the wallet that has the screen is where you will see all of your cards. There you can add, remove, or update existing cards and select the specific card you want to use for a transaction. The wallet is secured by a 4 digit pin that you set up. Your cards and other information are stored in six separate categories.

You will swipe all of your cards with the included card reader into the appropriate category. This process may take a few swipes in order to read the card correctly. Once you swipe in the card you will name it. It could be something as simple as Visa, MasterCard, or any name of your choice. And that is it, the card information is now securely stored on the Wocket. The Wocket also does more than just store your cards. It can also store your passwords and barcodes. Keeping track of all your passwords can sometimes be a hassle. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot my password to a certain website. With the Wocket you can store your username and password and have access to them easily. It is also capable of storing barcodes for things like memberships and gift cards. The barcode will display on the LCD screen for scanning. A very nifty feature. You can also store notes on the Wocket. However you are limited to a max of 3 lines of text. Not exactly my first choice I would go to if I need to take down some quick notes but it’s there. The Wocket is also great for making online purchases. Your card number, expiration date, and CSC number can be displayed on the screen for use in an online purchase. A feature that I found quite useful. Making physical payments is very easy. Just select which card you want to use, a message will display saying “Programming your WocketCard”, once it says “Your WocketCard is ready” just pull out the WocketCard and swipe it at the terminal or give it to the merchant. It’s as simple as that.

My Experience with the Wocket

I’ve been using the Wocket for a week straight. I’ve used it at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, college campus, and others. I’ve probably used it about a dozen or so times. Out of all the times I’ve used it, it only failed in two situations. One was at a Dave and Busters. I was trying to purchase an arcade card at one of the touch screen terminals but the machine didn’t accept the WocketCard. The second time was at my banks ATM machine when I was trying to deposit some cash. Other than those two cases, it always worked. However, it did take a couple of swipes in some cases. One of the best things about using the Wocket was seeing the confused looks on peoples faces when they saw it. They usually ask “what kind of card is that I’ve never seen it before?”. When I explain to them what it was the response was usually “wow thats cool!”. So using the Wocket definitely raises your cool factor up a bit.

Overall Thoughts

My thoughts on this product is that it is really cool. Having the ability to store all of your cards in a compact device is useful indeed. For the most part it works as advertised. There may be some cases where it will just not work but those are rare. However, I don’t think it can completely replace your wallet. At least not yet. There are still improvements to be made before this technology really takes off. The Wocket Smart Wallet really did impress me though. It worked better than I expected and was pretty reliable. However, I recommend always carrying your main credit or debit card in cases where the WocketCard does not work. Should you buy it? For the steep price of $180 it’s hard to justify the purchase unless you really do have a ton of cards. If the price doesn’t bother you then I would definitely recommend it. Check out their website here for more information.