Everyone should know that Apple’s favorite metal is aluminum. Pretty much all of their products are made from that metal. So what better way to compliment their aluminum design then an equally elegant aluminum charging dock. This charging dock made by Satechi compliments an iPhone perfectly. It is made from a single piece of aluminum and you can definitely tell that the build quality is phenomenal. It is probably one of the best built charging docks I have ever seen. It comes in silver, gold, and space grey to match the color of your iPhone. The dock itself does not come with a lightning charging cable. All you get is the aluminum dock. It has milled out channels and slots for you to put your own lightning cable through. The slots are very precisely cut and will only fit a stock Apple lightning cable. Aftermarket cables will not work unless it has the exact same dimensions as Apple’s stock cable. The entire bottom of the dock has a rubbery pad that will grip onto any surface so that the dock does not slide everywhere. The dock also has a nice weight to it due to it being made from a solid piece of aluminum. Overall this dock is a great accessory for all iPhone users and I highly recommend it.

Satechi Charging Stand – Price as of this post: $25