No more stuffing all of your cables and chargers into your backpack and having it all tangled. With this simple and easy to use organizer you can neatly store multiple different cables, headphones, tablets, and much more. Unlike many other organizers, this organizer from EasyAcc does not limit you to what kind of things you can put into it. There is no specific spot for your phone, cables, or charging bricks.

How it works

The organizer is designed with multiple criss crossing rubbery bands. Anything you want to store you just slide it under any of the bands. There is no specific spot for any specific device or object. If it can fit then it works. The benefit of this is that you are not limited to what kind of things you can put in this organizer. Anything small enough to fit will be securely fastened by the rubbery bands. It even has a pocket that can fit up to a 10 inch laptop or tablet. It then closes and fastened by a long strip of velcro to protect everything inside. It is also resistant to shock, scratches, and tears and prevents the accumulation of dust and oil.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I think this is a great product to organize and store all of your tech accessories. However, it can store much more than just tech accessories. You could also store things like tools, cosmetics, and electric equipment without a problem. The possibilities are endless. That’s what I like about this product. It is very flexible with what you can put in it. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to organize all of their cables and devices. It’s also perfect for the frequent traveler.

EasyAcc Travel Cable Organizer – Price as of this post: $15

Product was a free sample provided by EasyAcc