Looking for a portable wireless mouse? Look no further! The Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is the ultimate mouse for the constant traveler. Its unique design allows it to be bent flat to fit in any backpack or pocket. When you’re ready to use it just bend it to its arched position and boom you’re ready to go. This mouse uses bluetooth 4.o to connect to your laptop or desktop computer. No USB dongle necessary to connect this to your computer. I personally bought this because of its portability. Having a big clunky mouse stuffed in your bag wasn’t ideal for me. This mouse allows me to fit it in my laptop carrying case with no problems at all. It doesn’t intrude or add any significant bulk to my bag. It uses what Microsoft calls BlueTrack technology which allows it to be used on almost any surface. However it does not work on glass which was a big con for me because I have a glass desk at home. I didn’t think that one through. However a simple mouse pad will fix that.


  • Very Portable
  • Great battery life of 3 months
  • Comfortable to use
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great build quality


  • Does not work on glass surfaces
  • Scroll wheel is not very responsive
  • Fake scroll noise is very loud and annoying (Can be turned off)
  • Steep Price

Overall this is a great mouse to have in your bag when you’re out and about and need a mouse to do work. However I would not recommend it for everyday use at your desk. You can’t beat its portability. Thats the key aspect of this mouse. If you are looking for an everyday desk mouse then I would look somewhere else.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse – Price as posted: $60